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Fantasy Action Adventure, with a Touch of Realism Written for Ages Nine to Fourteen; Enjoyed by All Ages.

The Odyssey of Jon Sinclair Trilogy is the time-travel story of a young boy who traverses the world from 1200 BC to 2410 AD in search of his true identity and his lost family.

“Traveling with Jon on his journey has enriched my life,” says Copus. “I can’t wait to see where he takes me next and what we find there.”

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The Odyssey of Jon Sinclair, The Books

Blackheart's Legacy

Blackheart’s Legacy

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About the story

Keys To Atlantis

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Points of Interest

About the Trilogy

The attached pdf is a note from the Author sharing her insights to writing.

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Praise for Keys to Atlantis

“A sensational, exhilarating adventure that will make new readers want to read the series’ first.”
Kirkus Reviews

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Blackheart’s Legacy
Best of 2012

“Middle grade readers (boys especially): Don’t dillydally; grab this nearly flawless book.”
Kirkus Reviews

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Reviews & Comments

Read what others say…

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  • Author’s Biography Part 1

    Sally Copus’ earlier career as a businesswoman was in the field of Direct Marketing. As a co-founder and partner with her late husband, she helped to establish and manage a very successful national database marketing company in the Dallas, Texas area. The two entrepreneurs built the company together, performing all the duties necessary to move the fledgling business along in an ever expanding market environment while raising a family.

    When the youngest child was in college, they sold the business, and for the first time in her life Sally had time on her hands.

  • Author’s Biography Part 2

    So she read: books, books and more books. She and her husband travelled and moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she used her business expertise to help raise money for several worthy charities. But it wasn’t enough to keep her mind busy.

    She had always been a good storyteller and could draw reasonably well. Her young grandchildren provided her the context to begin writing picture books. But published picture books carry a one thousand word limit for story content which was a challenging constraint.

  • Author’s Biography Part 3

    ’It was a wonderful discipline,” Copus said. “I learned the importance of every word. But as I drew the pictures for my books, which took forever, my mind kept adding layers of subplots to my story. I never tried to market those first two books, because by then I was totally involved in another genre of writing — middle grade — where lengthier stories were the standard.”

    Having found her genre, she independently published BlackHeart’s Legacy, Book One in The Odyssey of Jon Sinclair trilogy, and a middle grade adaptation of one of her earlier picture book stories.

  • Author’s Biography Part 4

    When she received the news that BlackHeart’s Legacy had received a starred review and awarded a place among Kirkus Reviews’ Best of 2012, she was busy caring for her husband, who was terminally ill.

    Now she is back hard at work promoting the first book, and preparing for the printing of the second book in the series, Keys to Atlantis. The story is still growing and Sally is heavily into the third and final book of the trilogy.

    BlackHeart’s Legacy is available in print at bookstores, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and is also available on Kindle

Characters and Events
of the Trilogy:
The Odyssey of Jon Sinclair

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Blackheart’s legacy, Book One

  • Spanish Main

    They spread the maps across the deck boxes. “Two degrees north by north east one degree. That’ll put us right on top of the sunken galleon northwest of the last Key in the Florida Straits,” BlackHeart said.

    Devil’s Rock Hideout

    Jon walked with the crew as they snaked their way through heavy brush with their hatchets and machetes, tossing brush far out right and left. Other crewmen carried heavy chests weighed down with gold and gold artifacts from the wreckage.

    BlackHeart’s Legacy — Book One

    If you haven’t read BlackHeart’s Legacy, grab a copy so you’ll know the story and can brush up on characters and events before the release of Book Two in the trilogy, Keys to Atlantis.
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What if you suddenly found yourself sailing out to sea in the Caribbean with seventy-three dangerous men on a tall ship…hostage…in 1692. Step back in time with modern day, computer-savvy Jon Sinclair and experience his world of excitement, drama and fear amid hurricanes, sea battles and risky treasure hunts.

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Keys to Atlantis, Book Two

  • Atlantis


    The high arched bridge that connected the last ring of land to the mainland of Atlantis was covered end-to-end with tall condominiums. The housing structures were all joined with common walls. Small boats navigated the waterways between the landmasses.

    Famous Crystal Skull

    Famous Crystal Skull

    With heat resistive gloves, he lifted the ball from the water. But it wasn’t a ball. Something was attached…something strangely shaped like a…“A skull,” exclaimed Jon. “It’s the famous Crystal Skull!”



    Though no one, including Jon Sinclair himself, knew who Jon really was, his enemies already had begun to surface.
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The Odyssey of Jon Sinclair, The Blog

Keys to Atlantis & BlackHeart’s Legacy Goodreads Giveaway

Enter for a chance to win one of 20 author-signed paperback copies of KEYS TO ATLANTIS, Bk 2 (The Odyssey of Jon Sinclair series), including a signed BONUS COPY of BLACKHEART’S LEGACY, Bk 1: awarded Kirkus Reviews Best of 2012.

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Triremes – Warships of the Ancients

An excerpt from the young adult fantasy book KEYS TO ATLANTIS, Book 2 of The Odyssey of Jon Sinclair trilogy: Struggling to shake the dazed feeling from his head, Jon wondered where on earth he could be. The sky was a strange pink color. He looked around and saw ropes curled in a circular manner, like those on […]

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